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Who is Lauren Taylor?

Lauren Taylor is the pseudonym for a mature fun loving woman born in Texas but currently residing near St. Louis, Missouri. Her books, "I Can't Believe That Was Me...Oh, yes I can and it still is" and the first two books in a series of books, "It'in s All in the Cards...EJ's Fool" and "It's All In The Cards...The Emperor" are set in her native Texas and are peppered with local customs and traditions of the East Texas Piney Woods and Houston region. 

Lauren, now in her early sixties, enjoys writing 'off the wall' stories intended to bring a smile to the reader as well as a bit of intrigue. Her style of writing focuses on interplay of her characters versus massive descriptions of bucolic scenes. Having been in Human Resources for many years herself, Lauren enjoys creating various interactions of people which are realistic and oft times 'colorful' in language.

Currently editing her third  book in the series, "It's All in the Cards" Lauren conntinues the series as her main character, EJ Johnson, and her best friend, Janet Davis, continue evolving , becoming more adept at 'reading the cards' and this book pays homage to women of Lauren's age with the 'love triangle' their respective mothers are in .

All three of the "It's All In The Cards..." books use Tarot cards  which allows Lauren to take her characters into situations they would normally not go and  additionally enhances the storylines creating exciting twists and turns for the reader's enjoyment.


Lauren having fun with friends on a river boat ride in New Orleans. "'Laissez bon ton rouler'