Books 1 & 2 of

"It's All in the Cards..." trilogy

by Lauren Taylor

A native Texan currently residing in Missouri, Lauren relies upon her growing up years and early professional career as foundation for her books. Prominent in her stories are the long held ethos and cultures of deep East Texas, a most beautiful region not yet over run by 'Yankees' as other areas such as Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

IIt's All in the Cards..." is a series of books chronicling the lives of strong Texas women dabbling in Tarot which acts as a psychological excuse to do what they want to but were afraid to do so. The 'spreads' afford the characters permission to explore relationships they would have never entered into before. 

The first of the series subtitled, "EJ's Fool" the story captures the heorine's naive entre into the world of 'spiritualism' learning the tarot cards to guide her in her love life. EJ Johnson and her best friend discover that reading the cards to suit one's hidden desires can be tricky and cause lots of funny yet difficult situations to occur.

The second book ,  catches up with EJ as she and her lover of many years rediscover each other while her best friend begins her own journey with the tarot. Janet Davis discovers her husband has 'other interests' and the tarot leads her to new found freedom and sensuacity. 

Look for book #3 in the fall of 2018 as EJ and Janet use 'the cards' to figure out what to do about their mothers who hate each other.

Come join EJ and Janet on their discovery of tarot and themselves.